Quality Assurance in the Rubber Mixing Room

Limper, A.; Keuter, H.

This book disseminates the results of the European research project Mini Derucom, which was sponsored… weiterlesen

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This book disseminates the results of the European research project Mini Derucom, which was sponsored by the European Commission within the BRITE EURAM III programme. The scope of the project was quality assurance in the rubber mixing room. The Mini Derucom project partners had been chosen in order to cover a broad range of products in the technical rubber goods industry. Raw materials suppliers, rubber processors, university research institutes as well as the end user Volkswagen represented the process chain. The results of the Mini Derucom project clearly demonstrate influencing factors on compound- and end article properties coming from the mixing room. Raw material quality parameter variations have been considered as well as weighing tolerances, raw material transport processes and mixing parameters. Compound properties were judged with standard testing equipment as presently applied in rubber mixing rooms and more sophisticated methods. Hereby, it was aimed to figure out the best forecasting method for end article properties on basis of the parameter variations applied. It turned out that the corresponding ability of the standard methods is quite low in comparison to the signals provided by the mixer. Thus a quality assurance concept for the rubber mixing room should consist of the strategy using the mixer as a sensor. Herewith a new quality assurance concept was set up. It is quite clear that if compound quality can be judged in a better way already, this will lead to less scrap of end articles and consequently the efficiency of rubber goods manufacturing processes will increase. Thus the help of the European Commission allowed to make an extraordinary attempt to clarify some basic questions of rubber processing.


  • Introduction
  • State-of-the-Art in Quality Assurance in the Rubber Mixing Room
  • Analysis of Raw Materials Used in the Rubber Mixing Room
  • Examination of Raw Material Quality Parameters
  • Infuences on Product Quality in the Rubber Mixing Room
  • Forecasting Product Quality
  • Strategy for Quality Assurances in the Rubber Mixing Room