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19. Juni 2012

Thermoplastic Elastomers

El-Sombati, A.Z. (Ed.), InTech, Rijeka, Croatia, 2012, 416 p., ISBN 978-953-51-0346-2
A free online edition of this book is available at www.intechopen.com. Additional hard copies can be obtained from orders@intechopen.com

The book is divided into two parts:

  • Part 1, Chapters 1-7, titled "Modifications Thermoplastic Starch"
  • Part 2, Chapters 8-19, titled "Modifications of Thermoplastic Elastomers"

The title of the book, “Thermoplastic Elastomers", is somewhat of a misnomer since only four chapters out of 19 (Chapters 8, 17, 18 and 19) are covering the subject of thermoplastic elastomers in full. These chapters represent only about 20 % of the entire book. Chapter 8 contains chemistry, structures, compounding, processing, mechanical properties, applications and future directions, all that on 18 pages. It is well and clearly written but provides the information in a very abbreviated way. It may be considered to be a snapshot of the current status and possibly some of the trends but anyone working in the field would hardly benefit from it. Chapter 17 is solid and relevant, well written and covers the subject in a sufficient detail. The same can be said about Chapters 18 and 19.

The remaining chapters provide detailed information for most part regarding thermoplastic starch and a variety of topics involving specialty thermoplastics, their properties, processing and applications. Without any doubt, there are specialists in the particular areas that might benefit from the corresponding chapters.

As a whole, the book has an unusual structure in that it has a large number of contributors with different topics and writing styles. It is missing a proper title and any kind of ties between the individual chapters. It simply deals with the subject of thermoplastics without truly specifying what it is all about. A substantial weakness is the absence of an index. An index would be a great help for the reader to find the proper information relatively quickly. The illustrations for individual chapters are in general of a very high quality and relevant.

There is no doubt that an electronic publication is a very useful tool for introductory texts as well for specific topics of interest to specialists in the given field but smaller consistent work with a proper title, references and index would do the job.


The titles of individual chapters are:

Chapter 1: Melt Blending of Thermoplastic Starch
Chapter 2: Thermoplastic Cassava Flour
Chapter 3: Physical and/or Chemical Modifications of Starch by Thermoplastic Extrusion
Chapter 4: Properties and Biodegradation Nature of Thermoplastic Starch
Chapter 5: Starch Protective Loose-Fill Foams
Chapter 6: Thermoplastic Starch
Chapter 7: Retrogradation and Antiplasticization of Thermoplastic Starch
Chapter 8: Thermoplastic Elastomers
Chapter 9: Modification of Thermoplastics with Reactive Silanes and Siloxanes
Chapter 10: Advantages of Low Energy Adhesive PP for Ballistics
Chapter 11: Microinjection Molding of Enhanced Thermoplastics
Chapter 12: Investigation of the Physical Characteristics of Polypropylene Meltblown Nonwovens Under Varying Production Parameters
Chapter 13: Thermoplastic Extrusion of Food Processing
Chapter 14: Lightweight Plastic Materials
Chapter 15: The Performance Envelope of Spinal Implants Utilizing Thermoplastic Materials
Chapter 16: Application of Thermoplastics in Protection of Natural Fabrics
Chapter 17: Characterization of Thermoplastics Elastomers by Means of Temperature Scanning Stress Relaxation Measurements
Chapter 18: New Thermoplastic Ionic Elastomers Based on MA-g-EPDM with Advanced Characteristics
Chapter 19: Electroactive Thermoplastic Dielectric Elastomers as a New Generation Polymer Actuators

(Note: The titles of Chapters are quoted exactly as shown in the original.)

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