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12. Oktober 2016

NRC: Well positioned in medicine and health care

K 2016
NRC Halle 8b Stand H29

The Hamburg-based distributor Nordmann Rassmann said that an increasing number of its partners and suppliers are becoming more active in medicine and healthcare, with portfolios that offer a wide variety of solutions.

Among them is the Italian compounder Francesco Franceschetti Elastomeri, who will be co-exhibiting at the K 2016 fair and who is a NRC partner since 2013. Under the brand name Marfran.Med a range of medical and pharmaceutical products is offered. Three product lines in particular meet with strong customer interest, according to NRC. These are:

Marfran.Med. AU is a patented SEBS-based compound series containing usnic acid. This is a naturally anti-microbial substance that has potent antibiotic effects on Gram-positive bacteria.

Marfran.Med. SM1 compounds with improved compression set and good resistance at higher temperatures. They have achieved very good results in medical devices, particularly in extrusion applications. Tubes produced with the material can be sterilised in autoclaves
(30 min at 121 °C; 10 min at 134 °C).

Marfran.Med. HTRE is a series of compounds, specifically developed for extrusion applications that require a high degree of transparency as a good alternative to PVC.

Other TPEs in the NRC portfolio include Kopel TPE-Es from Kolon Plastics. Kopel KP3328 is a newly-developed 28 Shore D product with a low modulus. It is well suited for the manufacture of artificial leather. The Kopel product line is divided into three different product families: general grades, UM grades (upper molecular weight), HR grades (high resilience).

NRC at K 2016, hall 8b, stand H29

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