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12. Oktober 2016

Maplan: Compact vertical C-frame injection moulding machine

K 2016
Maplan Halle 16 Stand D49

At K 2016, the Austrian injection moulding machinery producer Maplan will present several machine models at its stand, among them a “TPE version” of a vertical MTTF-C 30.

The MTTF-C 30, the C-frame generation that clamps from above, is now available as a TPE version.

The MTTF-C 30, the C-frame generation that clamps from above, is now available as a TPE version.

A 300 kN version is added to the 200 kN machine that was presented at DKT 2015 in Nuremberg, Germany. A further extension with 400 kN and 500 kN clamping forces will be coming soon, said the company. The machine uses the “one-piece design” and, as with all types in the C-frame range, is compact and space-saving. Its low, ergonomically-designed operating height of 937 mm improves access to the tool space from all three sides and therefore aids loading and demoulding without platforms. The fully-hydraulic clamping unit that closes from above makes it easy to insert and remove corner moulded profiles, for example. This avoids “sliding” profiles out of the tool, which is reflected in the higher quality level of the finished parts. The FEM rigidity-optimised C-frame guarantees only minimum bending with high plate parallelism. Both effects are evident due to the reduced tool wear when alternating between opening and closing, and lower maintenance costs for the tools, as well as the best possible item quality.

Possible application areas for the top-top range include corner moulding, sealing elements and manufacturing small moulded parts and/or small batches. The hydraulic system was subjected to a flow optimisation: The reduced flow losses that result from this ensure a higher output potential and reduced energy requirements. Maplan will present this TPE version for the first time at K 2016. A practical detail is the TPE injection unit that can be pivoted to the side. This enables the screw on the MTTF-C 30 that is exhibited to be replaced easily, which allows a fast material or colour change without lifting gear.

Maplan will have in total three machine exhibits at the stand, all in the new modern look in dark grey. The company recently moved from Ternitz to a new factory in Kottingbrunn where it introduced cycle production.

Maplan at K 2016, hall 16, stand D49

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