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05. Oktober 2010

New online material database from Ems-Grivory

Right on schedule for K2010, Ems-Grivory has launched a new database called "EMS Material Database", which encompasses the most important products from the product families Grivory, Grilamid, Grilon and Grilflex.

More than 300 products can now be accessed and compared on the Ems-Grivory website. Along with technical and safety datasheets, various search functions make it easy to find the right material.

This new web tool allows rapid downloading of technical and safety datasheets and comparisons between products or the definition of specific data tables for selected grades. Other features are searches by product family, designation or polymer groups as well as advanced searches for specific properties, product attributes, applications or material approvals or certifications. With only a few mouse clicks, users can create a search profile and compare key material data of EMS products and save the results on their own computer. The database can be accessed in German and English without any login or password.

Under the tradename Grilflex Ems-Grivory markets a new range of high performance PEBA elastomers, designed for demanding applications in market segments such as E&E, industry, medical and sport & leisure. Typical target applications are tubes, hoses, corrugated tubes, films, belts and conveyors as well as a wide range of injection moulded components eg. for sports gear or medical devices. Griflex products are flexible, highly resistant to chemicals, hydrolysis and heat and are free from plasticisers.

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