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06. Oktober 2010

Evonik: Focus on solar technology and lightweight construction

Evonik will showcase an array of new products and applications, in particular for the areas solar technology and lightweight construction. The booth will feature the Lotus Exige racing car, which embodies a lightweight construction that is geared to resource efficiency. The focus here is on reducing weight, improving engine and transmission efficiency, and lowering rolling resistance.

One adhesion promoter is also contributing to lower weight: Vestamelt allows steel and plastic parts to be bonded together in a new way to produce hybrid materials. These solutions are used in vehicle front ends, for example, and in the doors and roofs of the car.

Evonik's new product group Plexiglas Solar offers a complete range of moulding compounds and solid sheets for all kinds of applications in lens manufacture for use in concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) technology. CPV is considered one of the most efficient methods for generating electrical power directly from sunlight.
Furthermore, Evonik will inform about CoverForm, an integrated process that lowers manufacturing costs for transparent components with scratch-resistant coatings, which was developed in cooperation with KraussMaffei. In addition, Evonik will be showing its Polytrend liquid colour system, which reduces the materials needed to colour plastics. Other products such as Tegomer Antiscratch 100 improve the scratch resistance of plastics for automobile interiors. Vestinol plasticisers are used in PVC processing and in carpet backings, among other applications. In this way, they have established themselves in the electrical and adhesives industries. Besides that, the company will present Dynasylan silanes for the cable and piping industries.

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