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06. Oktober 2010

Erbslöh: Additives and modifying agents

The German distributor C. H. Erbslöh Europe SE from Krefeld will present its portfolio of additives and modifiers from renowned producers at K 2010. Highlights include modifiers from DuPont, bio-based polyols, processing aids and plasticisers from Vertellus, antistatic agents from Rhodia and functional fillers from R. T. Vanderbilt.

Ethylene-copolymers from DuPont are intended for the modification of thermoplastics. For example, depending on the grade selected, Fusabond coupling agents can be used as additives for bonding fillers such as mineral-based, halogen-free flame retardants, or as impact modifiers for nylon. Elvaloy terpolymers are non-migrating, permanently-lasting plasticisers. Elvaloy AC are thermally-stable ethylene-acrylates, which are used, for example, as the carrier material for masterbatch products due to their high filler dispersion and, thanks to their universal compatibility, are also suitable for use with engineering polymers such as polyesters and nylons.

The Vansil and Vancote wollastonite grades from Vanderbilt are used to improve the mechanical properties of thermoplastics, especially polypropylene. The naturally-occurring calcium silicates form needle-shaped crystals which can be used at a length to diameter ratio of 1:5 as a filling agent and at values of 1:15 as a reinforcing agent. Depending on the intended application, grades are available untreated or treated for improved adhesion.

The product portfolio of C. H. Erbslöh also features a number of proprietary additives, including CHE-WAX lubrication and processing aids as well as CHE-CaMon processing and nucleating agents for PA and POM.

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