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08. Oktober 2010

DuPont: „Responsible Innovation Now“

Under this motto DuPont Performance Polymers will present recent advances in plastics and elastomers for a variety of industries. One focus at the booth will be the new generation of Zytel Plus nylon for the substitution of metals in automotive applications, based on the Shield Technology of the company.

Materials for applications in the automotive, healthcare, wire and cable, and alternative energy industries

A further highlight are new elastomers for the automotive industry. Among these is high temperature Vamac Ultra HT, specified for moulded turbo air ducts, air intake gaskets, turbo charger hoses, intercooler seals and connectors, where it offers performance and cost advantages over ACM and HNBR, according to DuPont. Alternatively, Viton is the most specified fluoroelastomer for tough automotive sealing applications, retaining sealing force from –?40 °C to +?203 °C, says the company. DuPont and independent OEM testing has demonstrated the high resistance of Viton to permeation and chemical attack from bio-diesel and alcohol-based blend gasoline. In addition, recent compatibility testing has verified the ability of new grades of Zytel PA and Zytel HTN PPA as well as the latest Vamac Ultra grades to resist the aggressive Adblue aqueous urea solutions used for selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems.

Furthermore, DuPont will showcase its bio-based plastics including Sorona EP thermoplastic polymers, Hytrel RS thermoplastic elastomers (35?–?65 % renewably-sourced) as well as the family of Zytel RS long chain nylon, initially consisting of the grades 1010 (98 % renewably-sourced) and 610 (more than 58 % renewably-sourced).

In addition to new solutions for the wire and cable industry, a new family of food grade plastics, and engineering plastics for the health care sector, the company will also present its ethylene copolymers and plastic modifiers.

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