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16. September 2020

Adidas: Helping healthcare workers with 3D printed face shields

Adidas is collaborating with Carbon, one of the world’s leading digital manufacturing platforms, to supply 3D printed face shields to healthcare workers. Adidas said that initially they collaborated with Carbon to produce high-performance footwear using 3D printed technology. Now the company is using the same TPU material co-created for its 4D midsoles, to produce 3D printed face shields to support healthcare organizations, first responders and underserved communities in the USA that have the greatest need and don’t have access to adequate supplies. The shields can be sanitized and reused.

Adidas and Carbon are collaborating to supply 3D printed face shields. (Source: Adidas)

Adidas and Carbon are collaborating to supply 3D printed face shields. (Source: Adidas)

Additionally, the material provides a more comfortable alternative to other protection equipment. Adidas said that this supports those in the front lines as they work long hours, continuing to risk their lives to save others. With the support of Adidas, Carbon has been able to scale production from 18,000 face shields a week to upwards of 50,000. To scale even further, Carbon is also sharing print files with its entire global network so anyone with access to a Carbon printer and material will be able to create face shields to address needs in their local areas. Organisations in need can submit a request at www.carbon3d.com/covid19 or by email to covid19@carbon3d.com.


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