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19. Mai 2009

Weldable TPU and polyester round cords

In late 2008 the Osnabrück, Germany, based hose producer polyvanced GmbH included round belts of thermoplastic polyurethane and polyester elastomers into its product range.

The weldable round cords can be quickly installed on site by means of mobile welding equipment, which reduces machine downtimes. They can be easily cut to the required length from the reel, which provides for economical stockkeeping. The product is characterised by a good resistance to oil, grease, water, food as well as a multitude of chemicals. The high flexibility of the round belts permits various directions of deflection as well as a low deflection diameter. They are offered in various colours and hardnesses (between 80 Shore A and 55 Shore D). The standard outside diameter ranges from 3 – 20 mm.

The round belts are mainly used in the transport and materials-handling technology, e. g. in mechanical and apparatus engineering as well for driving of roller conveyors. Potential key markets are in the food and luxury food, packing, textile, wood and ceramic, and the chemical industries.

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