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06. Juli 2009

Pressure sensitive adhesives for the tape market

Kraton Polymers LLC, a leading global producer of engineered polymers, announced new advances in pressure sensitive adhesives for the tape market. It is now possible to blend Kraton styrene-isoprene-butadiene-styrene (SIBS) and styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) polymers with rosin ester tackifying resins.

The new class of polymers targets performance, cost effectiveness and process efficiency for emerging tape applications. The initial testing indicates the combination of Kraton SIBS and SBS with a rosin ester can produce a tape with properties similar to a traditional SIS and C5 hydrocarbon resin formulation, resulting in a system cost savings of 10 – 20 %. The SIBS product is more compatible with the SBS, allowing higher concentrations of the lower cost SBS in tape formulations while maintaining excellent pressure sensitive performance, says the company. In addition, rosin esters typically have a cost advantage over traditional hydrocarbon resins.

The company currently manufactures two commercial SIBS grades (Kraton D1170 polymers and Kraton D1171 polymers), which are available globally. According to the company, they are highly compatible with diverse ranges of formulating ingredients, including tackifying resins, plasticisers, fillers and additives. These polymers are characterised by their high cohesive strength, colourless appearance and excellent heat stability. Kraton SIBS polymers are offered in free-flowing pellet form which can be compounded and blended in mixing equipment commonly used with typical styrenic block copolymers.

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