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20. Dezember 2017

Croda acquires technology company IonPhasE

Croda International Plc announced that it has acquired IonPhasE, a technology supplier of static electricity protection products with headquarters in Tampere, Finland. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

IonPhasE IPE anti-static additives release static electricity in a controlled way (Source: Croda)

IonPhasE IPE anti-static additives release static electricity in a controlled way (Source: Croda)

Operating in some of the fastest growing segments within the plastics market, IonPhasE offers a range of anti-static additives that are said to help prevent damage to electrical components, increase the safety of chemical and food packaging, and improve the long term appearance of consumer appliances. Focused on electrostatic discharge protection (ESD) and inherently dissipative polymers (IDPs), IonPhasE’s products use technologies which work to release static electricity in a controlled way.

Mike Millington, Polymer Additives Global Business Director at Croda said: “The acquisition of IonPhasE presents a significant opportunity to us at Croda with its differential product range operating in a niche, high value sector of the polymer market. The experience and knowledge of the IonPhasE management team, coupled with Croda’s innovation strength, global sales reach and complimentary technologies will allow us to better meet the needs of our customers.”

Claus Carlsen, Chief Executive Officer at IonPhasE said: “For over 16 years, we have focused on developing our technology in response to the needs of our customers. We are looking forward to developing this further with Croda’s support and expertise, whilst being able to reach existing and new customers faster through a higher level of customer intimacy. All of the team here at IonPhasE is excited about our future within the Croda Group.”


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