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08. Mai 2019

TactoTek and Bö-La join forces

Bö-La and TactoTek have signed an agreement for Bö-La to market and sell injection molded structural electronics (IMSE) solutions. Bö-La has specific expertise in delivering high quality cosmetic surfaces, technical screen printing, illumination and film-insert-molding (FIM) / in-mould labeling (IML). TactoTek said that the vast majority of its IMSE customer cases are for user interfaces that require flawless cosmetics and that Bö-La’s film-insert moulding skill is recognised by leaders in automotive, appliance and electronics markets as consistently meeting the highest standards.

Dirk Lange, Head of Sales, at Bö-La, said: “We have been actively involved in developing and commercialising techniques for adding electronic functions to cosmetic surfaces, including integrating printed electronics in 3D-formed FIM parts. With TactoTek’s IMSE technology, we can also integrate electronic components within these moulded structures which increases integrated functionality and streamlines production for the right designs.”


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