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06. Oktober 2021

Hoffmann Mineral: New Business Unit Tailored Filler Solutions

Hoffmann Mineral is a manufacturer of functional fillers based on Neuburg Siliceous Earth. These include the products Sillitin and Aktisil, as well as the calcined variants Silfit and Aktifit. Recently the company has introduced a new business area - Tailored Filler Solutions.

The Tailored Filler Solutions business, which is not based on Neuburg Siliceous Earth, offers tailor-made solutions for high demands in niche applications. According to the company, the new business unit utilizes know-how about Neuburg Siliceous Earth and transfers it to new base materials, combined with innovative modifications for further improvement. The range includes the following products:

  • Gloxil iM16k A is based on micro hollow glass beads from 3M and brings further improvements to plastics where weight reduction is an important consideration.
  • Gloxil SF 91 A is a hybrid filler of fiber and Neuburg Siliceous Earth with subsequent modification bringing best properties in plastics where a good mix of stiffness and flexibility is required. The aqueous dispersion
  • Gloxil WW SL based on modified silica is for use in matt waterborne coatings and improves incorporation, transparency and resistance.
  • Struktosil 45 AM is modified fine talc grade for use in elastomers and coatings. Here, the barrier effect in particular can be enhanced.


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