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24. Juni 2009

Dow to increase prices for plastics additives

Dow Europe GmbH will increase prices on all plastics additives product lines in Europe, Middle East, and Africa, effective 1 July 2009 or as contracts allow.

The price increaseswill vary by product line as follows:

  • Paraloid acrylic impact modifiers, Paraloid processing aids, Paraloid EXL acrylic tougheners, Paraloid MBS impact modifiers, and Paraloid EXL MBS tougheners: 4-6 % price increase.
  • Advastab reverse ester thermal stabilisers and Advastab TGA-based thermal stabilisers: 7-9 % price increase.
  • Advalube/Advawax lubricants and Advapak multifunctional additives: 4-6 % price increase.
According to the company, these increases are necessitated by the continuous cost escalation of key raw materials and feedstocks.

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