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14. Juli 2009

New “comfort touch” Santoprene type for automotive interiors

ExxonMobil Chemical has introduced a new Santoprene grade that is said to provide a unique “comfort touch” and very good surface qualities for automotive interiors while offering significant cost reduction opportunities.

The “comfort touch” provided by the new Santoprene TPV M350 prevents the cushion-like indentation that is often associated with alternative foamed material structures when pressed.
The new material offers a range of benefits including high “comfort touch”, low and stable gloss level, high scratch and mar resistance, good abrasion and chemical resistance, low fogging and odour emission. Also colourable, Santoprene TPV M350 is ideal for door panels, centre consoles, B-C pillars, lower instrument panels and the back cover of seats.
It can be processed using two-component injection moulding or mono-sandwich moulding onto a rigid PP substrate to produce an unfoamed structure that does not indent. It can be applied as an alternative to materials currently being used such as rigid PP, PP with soft-touch paint, and in some cases PVC or TPO skins.

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