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15. Juli 2009

Merquinsa launches new TPU range for the Chinese market

Spanish TPU specialist Merquinsa has launched a new TPU range at Chinaplas 2009: Pearlthane Maxi.

This new range of polyester- and polyether-based TPU grades for injection moulding and extrusion applications has been specifically designed taking into account Chinese customer needs for quality and cost performance. It is based on the company’s Maxi proprietary technology which offers lot-to-lot quality consistency, low gel levels and a very good base colour for a wide range of footwear, film and sheet, cables, and automotive applications, among others. With Pearlthane Maxi´s product launch, Merquinsa expresses its most esteemed recognition and commitment to its Chinese customers and prospects as it celebrated its 35-year anniversary presence in the Chinese market at Chinaplas 2009, said a company spokesman.
In addition to its new Maxi product range, Merquinsa displayed its full range of TPU specialities including latest innovations such as Pearlthane Clear, and Pearlthane Eco renewable-sourced grades for a wide range of sports and leisure, consumer goods, melt coating, and film and sheet applications at Chinaplas.

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