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17. Juli 2009

More RoHS compliant TPE compounds

From Teknor Apex, Pawtucket, RI, USA, comes another new series of TPE compounds that is fully RoHS-compliant.

The new products meet stringent UL criteria for flame retardance while providing flexibility and toughness over a broad temperature range. The four Telcar TL-1934 compounds are styrenic formulations available with Shore A hardnesses from 56 to 88. Teknor Apex recommends them for insulation, jackets, and moulded parts for flexible cords, coil cords, and cables in power tools, appliances, industrial robots, welding equipment, and audio and lighting systems. Key characteristics of the new materials include: enhanced flame retardance: All new Telcar grades meet UL94 V0 flame test requirements and have limiting oxygen F indices from 26 to 29%.
broad service-temperature range: The flexibility and toughness of the new Telcar compounds make them suitable for use at temperatures as low as –60°C. The grades are also formulated to pass a UL-1581 continuous rating of 105°C. Good electrical properties: The new compounds have a dielectric constant of 2.4 and exhibit minimal dissipation losses, making them suitable for data/communication and other low- to medium-voltage wire and cable applications. Oil-resistance: The new TPE pass a 7-day test for oil-resistance.

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