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18. Juli 2009

New long-fibre thermoplastic compounds from PolyOne

In mid-April PolyOne Corporation, Cleveland, OH, USA, announced the global launch of OnForce LFT long-fibre thermoplastic compounds.

Optimised for surface finish, stiffness and impact strength, these compounds are said to offer higher performance and better aesthetics than similar products for use in applications involving metal replacement and structural elements.
Along with improved strength and toughness, the compounds also retain their performance and properties across a wide temperature range — from -20°C to 160°C. Further, they offer improved creep and fatigue performance, better dimensional stability, very good chemical resistance, and exceptional surface finish when compared to highly filled short-fibre products as well as other long-fibre thermoplastics. The OnForce LFT compounds can be processed on standard injection moulding machines,requiring no additional investment for processors. The compounds are currently available in a range of base polymer/reinforcement combinations including PP, PA66, and TPU resins combined with glass and/or carbon fibres. It is also possible to deliver them with specialised fibre loading levels, customised stabilisation and additive packages, and custom colours. In addition, several grades now in development are based on engineering resins such as PPA and PPS for higher heat applications.
The OnForce LFT platform offers material replacement for finished and semi-finished metal parts. Applications examples include automotive powertrain, underhood, and body components or structural industrial applications such as housing pumps, brackets and structural components.

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