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22. Juli 2009

Clear, high strength, oil-free TPE compounds

A new series of clear, non-blooming TPE from Elastocon TPE Technologies, Inc. is claimed to eliminate oil bloom onto wood and other surfaces or materials by being completely oil-free.

The new grades, offered as Elastocon CLR65 (65 Shore A) and CLR75 (75 Shore A) TPE are non-blooming as well as latex and phthalate-free (no plasticisers), odourless, very light-weight, yet strong. These properties make the materials a good alternative to silicones and PVC. This, along with their tactile feel, makes them well suited for medical products and children’s toys. Other applications might include protective feet and pads and bumpers for desk accessories, desktop and countertop electronics and appliances and furniture. Their high resilience properties enable these new TPEs to be used as protective covers for consumer electronics. The materials are easy to process by injection moulding and extrusion and can be overmoulded onto PP.
Elastocon TPE Technologies, located in Rochester, IL, is a custom compounder of thermoplastics producing a variety of products including olefinic, polyester, and styrenic thermoplastic elastomers.

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